What our customers are asking

How soon can I receive my Lab?

After your order has been placed you will receive a delivery date for your lab and two employees from your company will be scheduled for TransBanker certification training at the Idaho NLC Campus prior to the delivery of your lab.

How long is the TransBanker Certification Training?

The Certification Training requires one full 8 hour day of training at the Idaho Campus and requires two employees to complete the training. The training will thoroughly review the Instructions and Warnings and how to set up and for the mobile take down and rack your TransBanker lab

What voltage does the lab require?

Each TransBanker Lab requires 3-Phase 120-208Vac whether using shore power or a generator. How tall is the lab? Every Lab has a maximum height of 10'4".

How much space is required to set up a lab?

The TransBanker 2 pole lab requires a flat open space of 15' wide and 25' length and 12' height. Regardless of your lab a consultation to fit your lab correctly is advised.

What transformer banks can I connect?

The TransBanker Transformer Training Lab is capable of all the standard banks utilized in the field, from open banks to closed banks. Such as 1. Open Wye/Open Delta 2. Open Delta/Open Delta 3. Closed WYE/WYE 4. Closed WYE/Delta 5. Closed Delta/Delta 6. Closed Delta/Wye. These are very common banks but you can build the uncommon. One of the benefits of the lab is you can experiment and create. If you have questions on special banks please call we love transformer questions.

Can I parallel transformers or transformer banks?


Can I do energized work with the lab?

The Lab was designed to be energized briefly in order to check voltage, rotation and power factor only!

What happens if someone miss-wires a transformer connection?

If the connection creates a short, then the 1 amp fuse in the disconnect should melt-out and open when the transformer is energized.