The World's Premier Transformer Training Lab

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Connect Your Company

The TransBanker connects your company to unparalleled safety and savings as the world's premier transformer training lab. Available as a stationary lab or mobile lab, giving you the flexibility to train anywhere in a safe low-voltage environment.

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Eliminate Outages

Linemen trained on TransBanker Labs are far less likely to make the mistakes that cause preventable outages. Realistic training with repetitive practice in a forgiving lab results in professional linemen who perform properly wired installations.


Improve Safety

Protect your workforce by making your people experts on the hazards of improper installation and the growing problem of backfeed caused by local power generation.


Lower Customer Claims

The average cost of a customer claim due to an incorrectly installed transformer is $5,330.* Claims over $50,000 are not uncommon.

How much are transformer claims costing you?

Train Anywhere · Self-Powered

Mobile Lab

The Mobile Lab gives you the flexibility to train anywhere, anytime from a completely self-contained trailer.

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Customizable Layout · Scalable Size · Installed Onsite

Stationary Lab

The Stationary Lab is installed where you need it and is customizable to your training needs.

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What are they saying?

The TransBanker has given the linemen a better understanding of how transformers work through hands-on training.

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