Stationary Lab

Customizable Layout · Scalable Size · Installed Onsite

Stationary Transformer Simulation Training

The Stationary Lab allows you to scale your training Lab to the right size for your business. Designed for co-ops and major utility corporations alike, the stationary lab allows you to deliver the most realistic, safe transformer training the industry has to offer.

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Stationary Lab stationary

Key Features

  • Primary buss energized 120/208vac 3 phase, 4 wire
  • Composite crossarms with energized system indicators
  • Fused disconnects with energized and phasing indicators
  • Power control center
  • Durable aluminum poles
  • Single phase and three phase transformer installations
  • Single phase meter with meterbase, load panel and 1-phase “residential home” customer
  • Three phase meter with meterbase, gang switch and three phase “sawmill” customer
  • Dry erase surfaces allow trainees to draw connection diagrams, rotation schematics and more
  • Slide out drawers for storage of test equipment, tools, connectors and curriculum

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